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Workshops are held at training different venues around the country. Please check individual events for details.
Details for  Forest Oak Farm


We usually start at 9.30, please do not arrive before 9am, and finish by 5pm. We have a short break mid-morning and mid-afternoon, with lunch for 45 minutes.

What to bring
The dogs usually train one at a time which means your dog may not be active all day and you must make arrangements for them to rest. You can bring a crate or leave your dog in your car, provided they can rest without continually barking, and you are prepared for all weather conditions.
Please bring food for training. We recommend chopped sandwich meats, home made treats, cooked chicken pieces, sausage, but not packet treats. Your dog may be eating large quantities so please select appropriate foods.
If you are bringing non-participating dogs they should be familiar with resting all day.
You may arrange to video your own training. At no time can you video, or record, anyone else training or teaching.
Lunch Refreshment

We do not provide lunch, but tea and coffee will be free flowing.
We stop for about 45 minutes midday, with a break mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
Lunch can be ordered on arrival at workshops held at Forest Oak Farm

If your dog is unwell please do not attend the workshop, some diseases are highly infectious, particularly kennel cough.
You can still attend as a spectator, and maintain the option to transfer your place to the next similar event.
Please do not bring bitches in season.
Refunds can only be given if notification is more than:
3 months before: 100%; 28 days before: 75%
Where possible we will try to transfer you onto a similar course. Refunds and transfers administration fee is £5.

Please contact us for BACS Payment by Bank Transfer (IBAN) and Internet Banking

Booking your place

Choose your workshop selection and go to the check out to complete the order. You can participate with your own dog or book a place as a spectator.
We accept credit and debit cards and PayPAL.
The confirmation of the transaction is sent via email and indicates that we have received your booking and that you agree to the Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to postpone or cancel a course, workshop or seminar if numbers are insufficient. The only reason we have ever needed to postpone and event is due to extreme weather. In the case of a change of price, we will always contact you first to ensure that the price is acceptable.
Workshops reminders will be sent 7 days prior to the event.


Courses are run in our virtual environment (a Moodle system).


Courses are held over 6, 8, 12 or 24 lessons.

The lessons are usually held 2 weeks apart, and may consist of reading material in pdf format to download and keep, videos, and a ClassRoom for discussion. The lesson topics are discussed in individual threads. There are usually practical exercises for participants between the classes.

The ClassRoom times will be published with the course details. The Classroom is held twice to begin the lesson to allow for individual  availability.

Directly following each Classroom an additional Homework forum is available for individual posting of videos, progress reports etc, for feedback from the course tutors and other participants.

All ClassRooms and Homework are forum based and available throughout the course. You do not need to attend the ClassRoom to partake in the course.


Feedback will be given from videos posted to the ClassRoom forums. Each lesson may develop into different topics and questions that can be discussed before the next lesson’s Classroom.

Only material relevant to the lesson for that period will receive feedback. Material presented later in the course will not receive feedback unless there are exceptional circumstances

Post course access

The course will stay open for a set number of weeks after the last lesson for you to access the lessons. A 6 lesson course will have 6 weeks, and 8 lesson course 8 weeks etc.
Feedback during this time will be limited to a 3 minute video per lesson. For the 6 lesson course you may request feedback 6 times.

Resources and Video production

Participants should be able to video their own training, edit for feeback, and upload to a suitable streaming service (such as Vimeo or YouTube).

Privacy and security

The course environment is held on a site with SSL encryption.

During the course you may choose to share information with other course participants. This will be kept within the course and not available outside the course. When the course closes this information will be deleted.

Forum User Conduct

Learning About Dogs websites may contain intellectual property and personally identifiable information. All information, data, text, messages, photos, video and other materials (“Content”), whether publicly or privately posted, are the sole responsibility of the person who posted the Content.

You are expected to adhere to copyright law. Do not post Content that you do not own and do not have explicit permission to post. This applies to posting video of a client that is training their dog or under your supervision in the video when teaching.

You are expected to adhere to privacy laws for personally identifiable information.

Do not copy or otherwise share Content (text, photos, video, screen shots of forum posts, etc.) without explicit permission from Learning About Dogs Ltd, the Content owner and person(s) identified in the Content.

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