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“The purpose of learning is to get more or better rewards”   Schultz

All pages of rewards pdf


Eight page pdf of the key material from the REWARDS SKILLS COURSE:  suitable for printing

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Born To Learn

8 weeks. Starting 16 Mar 2023

A foundation in learning technology to be able to build tremendous learners that share our lives and take you beyond the idea that “dogs are trained”.

What do we want our dogs to learn? What skills are going to be of greatest value to them? Learning to learn is a skill. It is full of critical elements that will transfer to everything they do for the rest of their lives.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in becoming a student of learning: for dogs that walk, sit, play, run, live with people.


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Can we do better for dogs course

For the Benefit of the Dog

Learning centred on the benefits of

WHAT we ask them to learn and

the WAY that learning is engineered.

Training is something that is done TO the dog. Learning is something that happens FOR the dog.

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Share your learning, upgrade your thinking


Learning is about making changes.

Changing your mind.
Changing the way you see dogs. 

collie collective

A collection of resources for people sharing their lives with collies …. and perhaps a little confusion. 


Sharing of connection for our dogs and horses. A browse for rainy days.

listening and learning

For the moments on the road, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, blocking out the world.

living with dogs

We should not be trying to change dogs, but change the world in which they live …. for Every Dog Every Day. 


Reading that will lighten the day, drop some Aha! moments and build a desire to learn more. For pleasure and for sharing. 

Training with food

Rewards at the centre of training. Learn how to deliver safely, confidently and with sincerity to find the key

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