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Curiosity drives


be curious

“The purpose of learning is to get more or better rewards”   Schultz

Training is something that is done TO the dog. Learning is something that happens FOR the dog.

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Learning is about making changes.

Changing your mind.
Changing the way you see dogs. 

collie collective

A collection of resources for people sharing their lives with collies …. and perhaps a little confusion. 


Sharing of connection for our dogs and horses.
A browse for rainy days. 

Videos for ideas, to make you smile, begin your day:

listening and learning

For the moments on the road, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, blocking out the world.

living with dogs

We should not be trying to change dogs, but change the world in which they live …. for Every Dog Every Day. 


Reading that will lighten the day, drop some Aha! moments and build a desire to learn more. For pleasure and for sharing. 

Training with food

Rewards at the centre of training. Learn how to deliver safely, confidently and with sincerity to find the key

Teaching a lateral step
Gift of Learning

For friends, for appreciation, for someone you value … for making my day, Top Job, Well done. New Puppy!

However you want to say “thinking of you” this is a REWARD that works for everyone.

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