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Training with Food
We have a great resource for learning how to deliver food safely, confidently and effectively – the very centre of our training.

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Zip unzipped
Recently arrived puppy.  I am learning what she enjoys and teach her how to bloom and be the best Zip that any Zip could be.

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Living with dogs
From new puppies to old dogs, from sleeping at night to every day walks.

for all dogs every day …

Training based on science and understanding

Delivered with experience and empathy

Reinforced from the heart with passion, joy and enthusiasm

Heelwork Course

Online course for dog sports enthusiasts. Building a balanced, confident athlete. Teach accurate self-positioning, transitions, performance and competition preparation.

Clean Training

Online course on learning the training skills that leaves no doubts, no confusion and no uncertainty for your learner.



Learn target acquisition through shaping and luring and teach: chin target, stationing, the visual follow and paw isolation.

Online courses with Kay Laurence

Starting in January 2019, 6-8 lessons.

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A blend of practical training and presentations keeping us busy over the Winter months.

Places available for spectators and participants.

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For everyone

For all types of dogs

For thoughtful training

Benefits for members
Power of anticipation

Exploring concepts using the focus and motivation that can be used in anticipatory conditions.

The Fade-In Protocol
A project collecting a variety of techniques where Fade-In is used successfully.
Living with Dogs

The collection of chapters from the Every Dog Every day book for all Members to enjoy.


Whether practising training skills, learning to understand our dogs or developing youngsters for integration into our lifestyle, we offer a range of different learning opportunities.

We have resources to enjoy: in book-format, projects to follow training plans, articles to stretch your thinking.

Join as a member to explore our libraries, research projects, clubs and benefit from discounts on courses.


An all day blend of presentation and practical training with your dog.
Held at various venues around the country.
Limited number of handlers, spectators and apprentice-teacher places available.

Note books essential


Courses online run in Moodle format, with classrooms, forums, lessons and exercises.

From short courses of 6 lessons to the 2 year Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence

Great variety of topics covering training strategies, lifeskills, dog sports and deep learning.


Presentations covering many topics that expand our learning about dogs. Shorts talks from 30 minutes to all day seminars, conferences and evenings.

Video and slide based, usually available pre-recorded.


Books are in two formats:

You can browse the web-pages of the books or alternatively, you can buy the printed BOOKS by Kay Laurence

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For articles to browse and enjoy:

Nose Target. No thanks

4 min read

Did I teach this 20 years ago? Oh yes.

Do I teach it now? Nope.

Advancing our skills, knowledge and understanding is about learning more,...

Clean Training

Since the dawn of clicker training in the 1990s, training has become much more accessible and less of a specialised, or mysterious activity. This has been largely due to learning...

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