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I have been lucky enough to see and hear Kay Laurence in many different locations. I’m always amazed at the depth of her thinking and I want more. Unfortunately, Kay said I could not follow her around everyday to improve the depth of my thinking.

Kay’s website feeds my inner geek like no other place I have been. I joined the website and I have access to her books, articles written by Kay on many topics, many of her presentations she has given world wide, and new courses to take you to new depths in your training.

The greatest thing is I can access them anytime of the day or night which is much better than calling her at three in the morning. I can return to a topic or class on my own schedule and ponder things at great length. I can even ask questions.

Jo Cook

I highly recommend this website for any person who enjoys thinking and learning about the nuances of living and learning with your dog.

Ways to join in …..

For looking and listening :

Instagram: for moments with my camera, pictures of my dogs, translations and thoughts

Podcasts: for chatting with Sue Mcguire about the training of the day, great company for daily commutes. 

Facebook Choices

My personal page, Kay Laurence, where everything is usually public and dog centric naturally (you do not need to friend me to keep in touch, just follow).

Then the business pages which are more direct: Learning About Dogs and Kay Laurence which regularly share the blogs and course details. I’m not sure I need them both, but some folk only know the name and some only the business ….

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