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I could call them “blogs”, but  ….. ugly word.

Articles that may be frivoulous, may brighten your day.
Articles that shine a spotlight on a shadowy topic.
Articles that bring a new view, share a different idea and most likely to have you thinking through the day, week or month.

Some articles will be looking for discussion and a share of views. These I call “beyond the collar”, they may require some editing, updating, expansion or reduction before going public.


I have far too much to say. It only takes me 10 minutes on social media before I feel the need to add my view, put something right or shoot a turd over the fence.

But I also have some really talented learners who have been producing assignments for me for years and they are ready to bloom. It will give me great pleasure in introducing new views, new eyes and great thinkers to share their articles.

Teaching Books

I produced my first books in 2002 on the first wave of introducing clicker training. Still one of my best sellers Clicker Training Perfect Foundation with a DVD.

Altogether there have been 11 books – always focussed on teaching your how to improve your training, with some views on living with dogs in today’s age: Every Dog Every Day.

Gradually these books are morphing to the blended format that technology allowed us to dream about. Not just printed text with diagrams and pictures, but integrated activities and videos just a click away. This brings the learning alive where you can see it, read about it, try it out and choose when to move forward, or go backwards.
Teaching with Reinforcement – Reinforcers which is 10 “chapters” is already available.

Coming Soon:

Using Food Effectively: where food is so much more than a treat, but a whole process that comes alive and makes a full package both you and the dog can delight in. The difference between a pot noodle and dinner with favourite friends at the restaurant of your choice.

Learning Games will follow, with updates and additions to the printed versions, more games and videos.

Dances with Dogs is completely re-written 20 years after we first started the new sport of Heelwork to Music and Freestyle. This goes beyond training and includes music choices, choreography and learning to perform.

If books are not your chosen format you can enjoy sharing your learning experience on the courses.

Online Courses

I have been teaching in the virtual environment since 2006. A wonderful way to meet some many new and fascinating folk who share our training passions.
If you have doubts about whether effective training can be achieved “virtually” read more here.

There is a range of courses from 6 lessons to 24 lessons. You can participate at the level that suits you. All participants are equally able to post videos for feedback, engage in the classroom, catch-up when all the rest of the world is asleep. The choice is yours.


My first visit to a dog training club was in 1973. Phew, that was One Experience. I was smitten after watching a guy with his young collie enjoying a heelwork training session. This club was down a back alley, had that unique smell of village hall mixed with sports shoes, and you either roasted on one of the two radiators or froze.
But it was a great social evening. Although I was the only person ever to attend with a Cavalier (a rare breed at that time), we all enjoyed individual progress, and was only ever known by our dog’s names. (I was called “Bob” Laurence for nearly 20 years …)

Clubs are places to share, tips for clipping nails, recommendations for diets and dog-beds, surviving the teenagers and pup’s first night at home.

There is a range of clubs each monitored by someone who waist deep in that passion who will store the gems, seek the experts and take you through the processes.

Clubs are forums.

Self-teaching Courses Library

Once a virtual course has completed the lessons, selected videos made by us for the course and recommendations will be available to browse.

Each course will also have a forum for past participants to keep in touch and pass along their experience.

Presentations Archive

I don’t want to count the number of presentations I have made at varied conferences. But they are all precious, took a lot of work to produce and will be browseable.

Projects and Research Groups

Learning is like behaviour – it never stays the same.

We shall be hosting a range of ongoing projects that will look at new ideas, re-visit old ideas, explore new training techniques and question old techniques.

Bring interpretation to the published academic papers.

Projects often need folk to go away, train, learn, record date and give feedback.
Our objective is to thoroughly explore and innovate new ideas into main stream training.

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