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Think carefully

3 min read + video

The power of a cue ....

I recently posted this video to FaceBook which harks back to those early, discovery days of clicker...

Construction or suppression

7 min read + video

Providing information is constructive.

Withholding information is destructive.

Both these statement can be right or wrong, depending on the intention of the information.


The Fade-in Protocol

8 min read


The origins of the protocol were first documented over 50 years ago, but it is not a well-known or frequently selected protocol. Susan Friedman explains the...

Congratulations – TAKL Geeks

I have spent the past few weeks reading through the material from four of our TAKL (Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence) graduates. This material is presented in a pdf format averaging 300...

Reasons to use a clicker

The concept of “being a clicker trainer” is always going to lead to argument and misunderstanding because it cannot exist alongside the science and technology. It is a “fakery” of our time.


Impressed with 2017

Not a waste of money

How often do we invest our time, effort and wealth into something that turned out to be a turd?

Looking back over 2017 I have been impressed...

A New Puppy. Oh Joy.

Better than all your birthdays put together. A complete package of such cuteness that your insides turn to warm caramel. A huggable, wriggly, kissing snuggler. Gaze affectionately at your deep sleeping pal...

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