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A blend of practical training and presentations keeping us busy over the Winter months.

Places available for spectators and participants.

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We have a range of online courses from short, 6-12 lessons to the 2 year, 24 lesson course.

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Clean Training

Online course learning the skills that develop clear communication with training that leaves no doubts, no confusion and no uncertainty.
Starts Jan 3 2019

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Heelwork Course

Online course for dog sports enthusiasts. Building a balanced, confident athlete. Teach accurate self-positioning, transitions, performance and competition preparation.

EarlyBird Discount 15%, plus Members discounts 


Learn target acquisition (it is not as military as that sounds!) through shaping and luring and teach: chin target, stationing, the visual follow, and paw isolation.

EarlyBird Discount 15%, plus Members discounts

Past courses available for members:
(From Dec 2018)
~ Learning About Border Collies
~ Finishing the Training
~ Fitness and Movement

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Online books you can browse, with activities and exercises.

Teaching with Reinforcement

A valuable resource open to everyone to learn and share

Every Dog Every Day

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