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Online courses from 3 days, 1 lesson to 12 weeks.

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A  3 day Hot Forum

Focussing on single topic for real depth. Share your views, broaden the landscapes, introduce new ideas.

Activities to explore, review, share, feedback … or just come for the chat. The topic will be HOT!

Is "hands-free" training always positive?

TalkTraining: Nov 18-20

Are we perpetuating misinformation that guidance with hand contact is a negative experience? Or are people not learning the skills of “good hands”? Can our hands teach with clarity and also be the core of rewards?

£10 – Setter Members 50% discount.


Short courses for bites that are easily digested

Luring Cup on a Stick

Two Week Course: Starts Nov 16 2019

The Cup On A Stick luring technique has been enjoyed by hundreds of trainers for a very wide range of accurate behaviours from simple to complex.  Luring can be done skillfully and deliver a clean learning process for your dog.

£50 – Setter Members 50% discount

Let's Go Shopping?

Two Week Course: Starts Jan 2 2020

This protocol, taking the dog shopping for their reward, includes anticipation as an integral part of the reward process. It blows apart the “three second rule”, and extends the value and the experience for the dog.

£50 – Setter Members 50% discount


A blend of practical training and presentations

Built with reinforcement

Not conflict

An entire day putting lead walking under the spotlight.
Tethering a dog to a person is filled with conflict, on this workshop we look at all the elements that contribute to building connected walking.

The workshop is designed for trainers, instructors and professionals.

Oct 20

Participants and spectators welcome.

Places available for spectators and participants.

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Past courses available for members:
~ Learning About Border Collies
~ Heelwork Foundations
~ Finishing the Training
~ Fitness and Movement
~ Target Foundations

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Setter Membership

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Annual fee £140

MicroLearning is a chance to explore small bites either with the TalkTraining 3-day forums, which is likely to be a deep dive kicking of in one topic but spreading many threads I am sure, or a short course of one lesson and two weeks application for video uploads and feedback. There will be plenty of selection through the seasons, or you can use the Project2020, teach yourself, prepare some material and bring along to the MicroLearn.

Power of anticipation

Exploring concepts using the focus and motivation that can be used in anticipatory conditions.

The Fade-In Protocol
A project collecting a variety of techniques where Fade-In is used successfully.

Celebrating 20 years since Learning About Dogs become a proper business in an age when dog training was only regarded as a hobby. The growth has made education much more accessible and available to great numbers. As I build this new, exciting project compiling all that I have learned I realise that there are hundreds of interlinking threads connecting one area to another.

At last, digital learning brings a benefit that a book can never provide, and offer learning in multiple formats at the same time. You can read, watch, interact, listen; explore understanding, apply your learning, get feedback and expand in a direction of your choice.

With these new eyes you get to view landscapes that you did not know existed.


Available to Setter Members.

Heelwork Course

For dog sports enthusiasts. Building a balanced, confident athlete. Teach accurate self-positioning, transitions, performance and competition preparation.


Learn target acquisition through shaping and luring and teach: chin target, stationing, the visual follow, and paw isolation.

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Workshops, courses,
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