The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking

new landscapes, but in having new eyes.


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NEW online courses with lifetime access

Unique opportunities to expand your training skills, dig a little deeper into the understanding and learn good technique.

Self-paced courses where you can come and go, choose your lessons, train or not train, the choice is yours.

Learning from extensive experience in course design, application and understanding means you do not have to go back and start all over again. You are likely to learn these skills only once – make sure you invest in the very best training experience.

Management or Training?

Find YOUR pathway, for your pup, for your solution

A lifetime journey where new material will be continually integrating.

The subject of training is far more complex that it appears on the surface. We are bombarded with guaranteed recipes and magical solutions that no longer provide satisfactory answers.

You can skim along to resolve a short term gap or make long term plans for your new puppy or adult dog joining your household. Plan what you would like them to learn and then detail exactly what they are going to learn, how you will achieve this and in what order.

Choice is viewed as a positive, but too many choices without guidance can be overwhelming. Being comfortable with the choices available, knowing what choices you have and the potential outcomes is way to enjoy the process.


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Reward Skills

Learn the rich and fascinating landscape of rewards.

This course is a lifetime resource. Follow the pathway step-by-step or dip in and out.

The more we explore and blend the theory, biology and application it is clear that this is not a simple process, it is complex and very sophisticated. With active minds open to learning we can continue to understand more, apply in an educated format and improve the combination of learning and dogs that we know and love and call training.

New technology is changing our understanding which will influence what rewards you choose. Explore the different and diverse ways we can deliver rewards to bring excitement or relaxation, curiosity or confidence.

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Cup on a Stick Foundation Skills

a Kay Laurence original !

An elegant and simple technique of luring without the complications of luring by hand.

The added benefit brings clarity to the dog, allows us to be able to clearly observe what movements the dog is learning and easily remove the lure when the training is complete.


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Cup on a Stick Advanced Skills

also a Kay Laurence original, and possibly a bit geeky ….

COURSE follow on from Foundation

Teach your dog the balanced stand, develop fitness in movement: trotting, backing and reversing patterns, lateral steps and correct action for the essential pivots and rotations. Easily built and will benefit the dog’s fitness or for specific sport expectations or simply because you enjoy teaching and seeing your dog learn.


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Cup on a Stick COMPLETE course

follow the learning from the Master

BUY both courses for the best deal

… for this dog, for all your dogs, for your next puppy.

Learn the skills for training every dog, with lifetime access.

AND the summer discount of 20%. How can you go wrong?


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Coming shortly

learning is a never ending pleasure …..

Preparing these courses, revisiting the training, finding the ideal format to teach has been a journey of pleasure for me.

I hope the learning brings you as much enjoyment.

The dogs are certainly at their happiest!

Did you know we have a Facebook group for discussions from the podcasts?

Past courses available for members:
~ Learning About Border Collies
~ Heelwork Foundations
~ Finishing the Training
~ Fitness and Movement
~ Target Foundations

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MicroLearning is a chance to explore small bites either with the TalkTraining 3-day forums, which is likely to be a deep dive kicking of in one topic but spreading many threads I am sure, or a short course of one lesson and two weeks application for video uploads and feedback. There will be plenty of selection through the seasons, or you can use the Project2020, teach yourself, prepare some material and bring along to the MicroLearn.

Power of anticipation

Exploring concepts using the focus and motivation that can be used in anticipatory conditions.

The Fade-In Protocol
A project collecting a variety of techniques where Fade-In is used successfully.

Celebrating 20 years since Learning About Dogs become a proper business in an age when dog training was only regarded as a hobby. The growth has made education much more accessible and available to great numbers. As I build this new, exciting project compiling all that I have learned I realise that there are hundreds of interlinking threads connecting one area to another.

At last, digital learning brings a benefit that a book can never provide, and offer learning in multiple formats at the same time. You can read, watch, interact, listen; explore understanding, apply your learning, get feedback and expand in a direction of your choice.

With these new eyes you get to view landscapes that you did not know existed.


Available to Setter Members.

Heelwork Course

For dog sports enthusiasts. Building a balanced, confident athlete. Teach accurate self-positioning, transitions, performance and competition preparation.


Learn target acquisition through shaping and luring and teach: chin target, stationing, the visual follow, and paw isolation.

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