Flock of Collies

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For people who want to

Learn More About Border Collies

and their first cousins

A unique collection of resources where a Collie is much more than a herding dog. If you know, you know.


Support and Guidance for both you and your Collie to live together enjoying each other’s company.

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Flock of Collies

For People who love to share their lives with Collies and want to learn more, understand the Collie Brain, discover the delights of Sheepballs® Games and to Play Well.
Learn how to find a balance with their Collieness and your lifestyle.


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Things You Need to Know

History of Collies | Inherited Behaviours | Health Questions | The Shepherd’s Dog |  Registration Systems


Different and Unique

Why are Collies Different? | Which Brain?  | Collie Rewards | Choosing the Wrong Sheep to Work


Learn in the Collie Way

Superb | Smart | One Step Ahead | Single Event Learning | Amazing Learning Skills | Are You Ready?


Perfect Games 

SheepBalls® | Rules for Games | Benefits of Play | Learning in Play | Choosing Which Game | Best Balls

Two pups


Rearing a Collie Pup

Child of Delight | Living with The Teenager  | Build a Super Learner | Familiarisation Not Socialisation


Living Together

Lifeskills for Your World | Walking Side by Side | Resting | The Time and The Place | When Enough is Written in Stone


Legends and Misinformation

The Stories About Collies | What We Believe | Fiction and Dreams | Not the Advice You Should Follow

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History Ancestry Heritage
History Ancestry Heritage
History Ancestry Heritage
History Ancestry Heritage
History Ancestry Heritage
History Ancestry Heritage

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Live Course

Sheepballs learning from collies


An 8 week course with individual coaching to develop your skills with Flock of Collie Games to release the  behaviours your dog has inherited.

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