Really quite excited and pleased to launch our first Training Thoughtfully conference in the USA. Look forward to seeing may of you there .....



Barn Diary for 2017

More new stuff to enjoy, get those thought provoking cells prodding you into action. I love that we are continually learning, adjusting, adding more knowledge and improving our training, our understanding and enjoying the process!

There is now a discount for booking early to the workshops. We appreciate (and want to reward) those who lead orderly lives, plan ahead and have a good idea of where they want to spend their money and invest in their learning.
Workshops at Wagmore often require a travel commitment. If a workshop is more than 1 day we shall confirm at least 1 month ahead. 



Border Collie Weekend - 10 & 11 Jun 2017

‘Cos we luv ‘em sooo much we want to spend a whole weekend indulging our passion! This is going to look at helping them live in our un-collieish lives to the best of their abilities. Games that allow the stresses to evaporate, teaching styles designed for collie-minds and ways of thinking. more ....

SportsDog - Foundation & Performers Course

Share another of my passions for enjoying your training and making sure your dog enjoys every minute of our passion for a sport.

Very few folk set about choosing a dog sports to dedicate their weekends, evenings, lifestyle, vehicle choice and outfits to. We all sort of morph towards a common element we may enjoy with our dogs, accessibility and shared social activities.

Probably the key element in choosing our dog sports is the training resources -beginning with a trainer who has the experience and knowledge to reliably guide us towards achievement and enjoyment from our investment.

Training better, training harder. Getting results. Nothing quite so fulfilling as knowing you have done the work, prepared your team, and then step into a chance to compete.

For those already entering competitions and our future partners. more ... 

Teaching Lifeskills - 7-9 July

Training and preparing a dog with the skills for our future requires an understanding of how reinforcement will impact on what we and the dogs learn, how to use it effectively and how it impacts on the results. This is what lifeskills should be focused on - teaching people the skills they will use to teach their dogs.

This 3 day course will look at teaching the foundations skills that are developed through realistic exercises to achieve understanding and connection. No longer, heel, sit, stay but walking together, play together and "how was that for your dog?" more ....

Plus the usual favourites:

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New Online Learning opens...

Virtual Learning?

Technology is zooming ahead, changing the way we interact and influencing the way we learn. Or maybe not? I do not think we learn any differently but we certainly have easier access to what we want to learn in a format that is much, much more accessible. .... read more



New Online Training Thoughtfully Courses coming soon:

Play together

A composite of all the Play Master courses run in the Barn. Lots and lots of different games, where connection and learning together is the focus.

Shape, Lure or Target:

more than recipes a deep look a wide variety of behaviours to teach your dog and how to choose the teaching protocol - advantages, disadvantages, s


Busy Season away from the Barn

but still fun!    more ....



FB effect

or is the “affect?” Aach, “The tools we use affect the way we communicate”.

I have now populated a whole community for those we feel more comfortable in that environment:

Of course I also need a personal page to be able to function as a fb personality, and I needed friends to be a REAL person:  - KayLaurence Wagmore is my hideaway.



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