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I am a Cruise-aholic


Now addicted, totally loyal to the Ship, and a lifetime Five Go To Sea sailor.
What an amazing adventure. New experiences shared with great company. Learning, leisure and luxury combined.

More stories and pictures from the Cruise…..

Video of the hi-lights of the presentations is in production and Sshh…. We are talking to Celebrity about Alaska August 2015.

Life’s adventures continue:


Merrick has arrived. Despite a brief flirtation with alternate breeds of dogs I have remained loyal to my heart – Gordon Setters.

She is All Gordon. Wicked, Intelligent, Demanding, Charming. Her waking hours totally rule the day. For once, after returning from the Cruise, I was refreshed and perky, and my poor dog sitter Chris was a wreck.

“The Merrick” is a hill in Galloway, Scotland. Although not directly related to Mabel, she carries her Gordon flag with honours.

The collie boys refused to come into the kitchen even though they were protected by her puppy pen, but Flink is playing a dutiful role of Nanny. I seem to remember her dumping her son, Time, onto his Grandma for that role. So the wheel turns.


At the Barn


With the arrival of Child and Cruise, my Summer plans for two Outside the Box weekends have gone awry. Instead I have scheduled 3 days of Working Seminars to share the experiences of the Spring Conferences: ORCA, Clicker Expo and the Cruise.

As usual we shall set aside time for talking and time for doing and exploring.

My favourite academics have pushed the terrain of “Outside the Box” land to further reaches. Sometimes re-visiting previous topics but making my eyes see much more than before, and also making me stop dead and really examine the ground under my feet.

If you would like a peek and perhaps a sauce of inspiration do come along – Jul 11-13.

More details ....

SPARCS Conference


This year’s Conference June 20, 21, 22 is covering some excellent topics with well respected speakers. You can watch the live stream from the conference free. I do recommend you take  membership so that you can re-watch the presentations at your leisure. topics >

Book of the Moment

chaserI can highly recommend John Pilley’s “Chaser”. Unlocking the genius of the dog who knows a thousand words. A much appreciated birthday gift from someone who knows how to buy the perfect gift. The book is detailed enough for any trainer, scientifically clear without the woolly references, and a testament of dedication. Even if you have not experienced training a collie this is an authentic, genuine book about the love of teaching a dog.

If you heart belongs to collies, or your friend’s heart does, then don’t hesitate, this will be one of your favourite books and a perfect gift.  

(I’ll not include a link as searching will source your best option)



Clicker Revolution FB Group

Clicker Revolution has topped over 1200 copies sold so to celebrate I have started an informal group on Facebook-Clicker Revolution for opportunities to explore your revolution: Pop along for a chat and meet the other revolutionists!

Official blurb and options to buy .....

I am very proud of this spontaneous review from a professional author ..... ooooerrr! Manda Scott

As you may have gathered I am not one to play the "publisher game" and seek reciprocal endorsement. You want to learn. I write, you like, I write again. Simple.

More writing was stimulated by a conversation in the recent class of the last Unit of our current Intelligent Dog Trainers Course. The students are building their own projects in topics they are passionate about which vary from complex training ambitions to changing the world for our dogs.

How many of us are visited by clients who “really should have known better"? Responding to an impulse buy they now have a puppy that is not quite what they planned. Please feel free to re-publish, and support the folk who ARE doing the research and HAVE asked the right questions and waited until their lifestyle and bank balance are ready for a puppy.


Travel Plans:


Yet to go this year

Jul 16-20 - Calgary, Canada


Jul 26-27 - Milwaukee, USA.


Sep 24-28 - Poland.


Nov 15-16 - Denmark



Merrick young hunter

Evening Classes

7-9pm. K9 Multi Sports with Helen Phillips

6.30 WAGMORE Dogs with Lesley Buxton

7-9pm Amazing Dogs - Challenge your skills with Kay Laurence

7-9pm Do the Training Advanced skills
with Kay Laurence

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28 May 2014