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Leading the way in innovative and effective teaching

Training based on science and understanding

Delivered with experience and empathy

Reinforced from the heart with passion, joy and enthusiasm

Every Dog Every Day

Learning to live together
Lifeskills for all dogs

Learning About Dogs

Caring for our dogs
their health and well-being

Training Thoughtfully

Training geeks who think about
training when they are not training


Whether practising training skills, learning to understand our dogs or developing youngsters for integration into our lifestyle, we offer a range of different learning opportunities, where ever you live and in different formats.


An all day blend of presentation and practical training with your dog.
Held at various venues around the country.
Limited number of handlers, spectators and apprentice-teacher places available.

Note books essential


Courses online run in Moodle format, with classrooms, forums, lessons and exercises.

From short courses of 6 lessons to the 2 year Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence

Great variety of topics covering training strategies, lifeskills, dog sports and deep learning.


Presentations covering many topics that expand our larning about dogs. Shorts talks from 30 minutes to all day seminars, conferences and evenings.

Video and slide based, usually available pre-recorded.


You can book a place on a workshop, enrol on a course in our shop. bookings may be taken through our website or hosting organisations.

Please get in touch if you would like to host a workshop or seminar.

Alternatively, you can also buy the BOOKS by Kay Laurence


Impressed with 2017

Impressed with 2017

Not a waste of money How often do we invest our time, effort and wealth into something that turned out to be a turd? Looking over 2017 I have been impressed with my shopping choices. The exception is the usual fashion-rubbish that I still think would suit me but...

TAKL Geeks – Daily Pleasures

TAKL Geeks – Daily Pleasures

I have spent the past few weeks reading through the material from four of our TAKL (Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence) graduates. This material is presented in a pdf format averaging 300 pages, 50 videos as evidence splintered out through 37 competencies. Apart from...


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