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Our online TAKL course have been taken through one of my favourite “learning landscapes” - skills. When we become better at doing something we are becoming more skilled.

Whether dog or trainer, skills need to be mastered from good technique, attentive repetition, flexible repetition and then blended with other skills to continue forward.

Merrick has been working hard on her “anti-crash” skills with the help of target training and she is developing mastery. I am impressed. I would not have put money down on mastery as a potential this time last year!

I love to focus on teaching skills rather than just behaviours. It focuses our mind on very specific learning with a clear path of action. Many of our skills overlap and time invested learning skills always pay off.

If you want to come to workshops that will focus on skills I have added some rather delicious opportunities. Tomorrow


Tomorrow’s Trainer - this is a four workshop course so that we can examine the good technique, practice attentive repetition and build graduated skills for both your and your dog over the workshops – you can even self-video for the gaps in between the workshops.


Skills for training with play – very, very important skills to ensure that the learning is clear, clean and has a definite objective.


Future Focused Training – bringing the pure enjoyment into the practice phase and taking your skills, both of you, to mastery.


I have also scheduled another Reinforcement Dynamics working seminar – a mix of presentation and practical.

Super Trainer 5 day course - 2 scheduled – 24-28 Jun (Course A), 2-6 Sep (Course B). These are more focused on the science with some practical injection, rather that the Tomorrow’s Trainer which is more “doing it” focused.

preexpoSince Expo is coming to Near Wagmore (relatively speaking) I am planning a couple of days taster workshops at the Barn: Microshaping, Treasure Hunting, Dressage & Reinforcement Dynamics. You are welcome to come with or without your dog to enjoy the unique Wagmore experience.


Flying TAKL

TAKLlogoNext enrolment opens Jun 2015 to join the
Teaching Strategies Unit starting 7 Jul. (limited to 5 places)

44 students are flying their way through the new 2 year course (although some may feel a little unsafe taking their feet off the ground). In the words of one of our mentors “I can’t believe the quality of the discussion - brilliant”. It is inspiring for everyone involved and I am looking forward to the assignments due soon.


FB effect

or is the “affect?” Aach, “The tools we use affect the way we communicate”.

I have now populated a whole community for those we feel more comfortable in that environment:

Of course I also need a personal page to be able to function as a fb personality, and I needed friends to be a REAL person:  - KayLaurence Wagmore is my hideaway.

At the Barn - 2015 dates

We had a wonderful couple of days with Emma Parsons Teaching the Reactive Dog Class. It is always inspiring to listen to One Who Has Done That. Sharing her experiences and practical knowledge can give you a boost for your own classes. Then you have the opportunity to apply it … and it works! Yay reinforcement, for dogs, for us, for all.

The very popular Super Trainer courses will be running through the year in 5 days, and monthly formats. I am very pleased to announce for the serial learners that you get your fourth run of the course for FREE!

Many of you want to continue to work on your skills and keep moving forward so we now have the Extra Super Clicker Trainer days for those who have completed the course running regularly over the Winter.

Having been freshly milled by Merrick and experience the current Age of Objection I am sharing my learning in day workshops. Puppy One for those up to 6 months, or even thinking of future happiness, and Teenagers 6-16 months for those seriously questioning their sanity. Ideal if you want to come along with your own pup or teach classes - lots of ideas, which are probably a little Outside the Box.



Five Go To Sea

Last few places for our Cruise in August, from Seattle to Alaska - 7 days with Ken Ramirez, Alex Kurland, Jesus Rosales Ruiz and myself - we found our selves planning more wicked discussions  - visit the website for more details and join the FB group to keep up to date.

Sexy new Shop

We now have an “adaptive responsive ladidah” shop, that means where ever your thumbs can function you can SHOP! In celebration many of the book have a 2 discount ... .so time to catch up filling your library. 

Workshops look a lot healthier to browse. That learning curve is still shoving me uphill.

Clicker Revolution now in SpanishCRev spanish

Congratulations to the Spanish Team: Ana & Nuria for getting Clicker Revolution translated and published in time for my recent December workshops. You can buy a copy in Spanish here

Madrid is now becoming THE place to be for opportunities to move your training onwards and upwards with recent visits from Ken Ramirez and Jesus Rosales Ruiz (both in Spanish) Debbie Martin and Julie Shaw. I shall be adding my regular December trip as a permanent feature to my diary.

Five Go To Sea

Presentations on DVDs only 20

Last few copies left for sale - you may not be able to afford a cruise but you can enjoy the learning: discs  More details .....

Now addicted, totally loyal to the Ship, and a lifetime Five Go To Sea sailor.
What an amazing adventure. New experiences shared with great company. Learning, leisure and luxury combined. More stories and pictures from the Cruise…..

Alaska 2015 registration is now open: view the Agenda ......



IDTC2014To Julie Van Schie and Barb Buchmayer in attaining their Certificates with my Endorsement in the first 2 year course of the Intelligent Dog Trainer Course.

I have been honoured to be able to work with a great group of people and read their assignments. This has given me complete confidence in endorsing them as trainers.

Very well done.

Clicker Revolution FB Group

Clicker Revolution has topped over 1200 copies sold so to celebrate I have started an informal group on Facebook-Clicker Revolution for opportunities to explore your revolution: Pop along for a chat and meet the other revolutionists!

Official blurb and options to buy .....


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13 May 2015