The Fade-In Protocol


The Project area is for exploration, failure, questioning, seeking answers, finding fields of knowledge we didn’t know existed. It is about bringing our collective learning, knowledge and experience together to enable us to learn more about dogs.

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About this project

Fade-In is a subtle training strategy that focusses on providing the learner with every chance of success where there is a risk of disruption from the environment.

Essentially, individual behaviours, and behaviour chains are built and become strongly reinforced. I term these the Base Behaviour. The potential disruption is faded-in gradually without have an impact on this base behaviour.

In my experience dogs are exceptional well equiped to choose between  reinforcement opportunities: those are possible and those that are reliable. We build a long history of being reliable.

Once a disruptor has been filed away as “possible” then not responding to it when reliable opportunties are available in other behaviours is generalised well.

This takes on a hierarchy on a scale of possibilities. When the reliably reinforced behaviour is no longer cued, the dog may well investigate the possible disruptor.

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