Fitness Foundation Course

 6 Lessons

Devloping fitness

through enhanced natural movement

The 6 lessons cover the basic skills:

~ To achieve comfort and stability in movement: walk, trot, backing and pivoting
~ To achieve comfort and stability in sitting, laying down, standing up
~ For dogs to become self-aware and increase mobility
~ For all trainers to identify, recognise and enable stable, balanced action

Particularly suitable

~ Trainers interested in the foundations of dressage
~ For older dogs to maintain mobility, flexibility and comfort in movement
~ For sports dogs to develop foundations for fitness and prevent injury
~ For dogs recovering from injury

The course will cover

  • Learning to assess balance and movement
  • Training techniques to teach balance in walking and trotting
  • Training techniques to teach comfort and stability when sitting, laying down and standing up
  • Exercise formats for warming up, stretching, developing rhythmic movement, balance and awareness in action.
  • Monitoring progress
  • On-going programmes for fitness, maintenance, and mobility.


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