Clean Training Online Course


8 Lesson online course

with Kay Laurence

starts late 2019

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Since the dawn of clicker training in the 1990s, training has become much more accessible and less of a specialised or mysterious activity. This has been largely due to learning from video, the wider understanding of the technology of training and instantly appealing outcomes. To move forwards and make progress with our training we need to be sure our foundation skills are sound.

This course will focus on examining the component skills that develop really clear communication between two different species with training and teaching that leaves no doubts, no confusion and no uncertainty.

The key topics covered will be:

  •  Self-assessment, how to monitor progress, build feedback, practice skills
  •  Setting up optimal learning, taking notes, making plans
  •  Reinforcement delivery patterns, assessing effectiveness and adaptation
  •  Cue technology, delivery and minimisation
  •  Marking with precision, learning to anticipate when to mark
  •  Adapting the pace, building a rhythm, coping with disruptions
  •  The process of teaching a new target
  •  Developing luring skills

Your learner can be developing lifeskills, preparing for performance, for rehabilitation, for husbandry or simply for the pleasure of interaction and shared quality time. There will be a range of behaviours to explore and choose from, or develop your own plans and clean up your current repertoire.

Clean training naturally develops learner confidence, a perpetual joy in learning and strong sense of achievement for both participants. Your learner is a mirror, reflecting your skills as a trainer. If there is confusion or uncertainty then we look at the trainer for the source.

Online Format

This is an 8 lesson course in a taught, classroom-forum format. Each lesson will examine specific topics in detail, allowing for extensive questioning, discussion, review and feedback of videos.


You will need to be able to video your own training and edit and upload to share with the forums if you require feedback.

Classroom dates:

This course will start late 2019. The Classroom forum and lesson opens at 1800 (GMT/UTC) on these dates, and then access is available throughout the course. You do not have to attend the Classrooms at these times to participate. Details of the course forum and log-in page will be sent out one week before for pre-course familiarisation. By enrolling on this course you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Course FAQs

Refunds – There are no options for refunds once the course has started, but under certain circumstances you may be able to be transferred to another course.

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