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Can’t not learn

Dog, puppy or person, we can’t not learn. The environment is “playing on us” all the time, when we are watching TV, FaceBooking, listening to a podcast, in a lesson, we cannot not learn. Are you aware of what learning is happening?

Pea, Chick Pea

Chick Pea is a lone survivor. July saw a pen of 12 happy birds of various backgrounds, September left just one.

Rewards Aloud

Most dog sports have evolved from either competitions for purposely bred skills in dogs (such as sheepdog trials, shooting, hunting) or from military activities in the post-war 1950s.

Lure: shaping with guidance

Learn to engage and communicate with a lure

Teach: Catch

Catching is an art and a skill

Practise: Catch

Good catchers learn from good throwers

Teach: Chaser

go ….Go …. GO …KILL!

Practise: Chaser

Good chasers come from good bowling.

Teach: Table Service

Help yourself … it’s on the table

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