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The Wrong Sheep

8 weeks starting 21 Sep 2023

Controlling movement is the exercise of a skill and the pursuit of a reward favoured by dog with sheepdog heritage. It is a need, their purpose in life. We cannot take it away or wish it gone. Yet, the skills involved, when not shaped can become wild and frustrating for the dog and anyone who lives with them.

This course aims to approach the chasing of the Wrong Sheep from the point of understanding of predatory skills and thoughtfulness about rewards in order to bring out and enjoy the heritage of these sheepdogs as we work in partnership with them.

This is a practical course with individual coaching to develop the skills to manage a dog who is prone to chasing: traffic, bikes, joggers etc.

Understand why this is happening, and be able to select good management techniques and activities to rebalance the learning.

Open to both participants who want to work through the course with their own dog as well as those who wish to learn these skills for their own clients.


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aroused collie chasing

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The Big Issue

. . . or so it seems.

The Issue is often the event that we struggle to understand and presents a dismal, and possible limiting future. It can even become a blot on our relationship with our dog: a shadow that affects our interaction and feelings about the dog. It may embarrass us in public, or cause irritation to neighbours or dismissal from other family members “can’t you sort this out?”
Is it usually uncomfortable.

It is not the dog’s problem

If we see this as the dog’s Issue then we are siding with the Issue against the dog, after all they should be able to stop doing it?


We have selectively bred generations of collies to develop the skills to excel in specific activities: primarilly partners in the gathering and movement of sheep.

The skills required for this means the dogs have a low tolerance for uncontrolled movement: uncontrolled as considered by the dog. This can vary from traffic to butterflies, joggers to raindrops.

At a casual level this can be seen as amusing but it can also escalate well beyond mangement and cause extreme frustration with grabbing and dangerous responses.

Happy as Larry

The dogs most likely to select the Wrong Sheep can have a working background heritage or a mixed package. 

There are never enough homes for these working guys so the overspill flows into our front rooms. There is NO REASON why a dog whose entire parentage over many generations only knew life in a shed with irregular or seasonal events cannot enjoy a life with you, but we do need to make allowances and adjust routines to not let their Issues, or Reasons for Living, go beyond a healthy enjoyment.

Many a happy collie lives well in a front room enjoying full time company of people and some regular games of the right sort. 

Finding a Balance

  Learn more about what is happening and why.

  Learn good management techniques and practical skills

  Build a range of rewards for a Collie Brain

  Develop activities that restore a balance and healthier approach.

  Make plans for a long term lifestyle.

Living with a collie is both a privilege and experience that brings tremendous pleasure when learning together and not in opposition. They are amazing dogs with generous passion to work with people and fulfil their role as the Other Half, whatever that job may be.

This is an 8 week course:

Participants will learn:

  About predatory behaviour and how this changes the brain and manages the dog’s responses

  Successful strategies that can rebuild the learning

  Good management and practical activities

  Building the right sort of activities and rewards that develop a healthier lifestyle

  Planning a long term future of compatible living and learning to enjoy this amazing dog.

Suitable for:

Dogs over 6 months old of collie or similar heritage who have a history of chasing traffic, bikes, joggers, etc. If you are not sure if your dog or situation is suitable please contact us before enrolling.

Feedback and coaching is only available for one dog per person.

Collies of Clients

You are welcome to enrol if you work with clients who have collies and are looking to build your portfolio to assist these owners.

Discounts for participation

At the end of the course there will be a 40% discount available for those participants with dogs who make a significant contribution to the learning of the class.

  Regular weekly videos of activities and learning

  Participation in the live sessions held Thursday at 1700 GMT

  Participation in the forums: posting progress reports, observations, planning, feedback.

What you will get

A range of practical activities to learn with regular feedback on your progress. This is through videos you upload (maximum of 9 minutes total in 3 sessions per week) and your progress reports.

Games tailored to develop satisfying rewards for chasers.

Weekly Live session on Thursdays at 1700 GMT, (6pm UK) to discuss topics that benefit from conversations. It is not critical that you attend as the session will be recorded with presentations to review.

Opportunities to explore the recommended strategies to a deeper level and learn how to adapt them for these issues.

There will be opportunities to learn from other  participants and their progress.

If you are enthusiastic about learning, developing and building your relationship, connection and skills then you will be very welcome.

The material will remain open for access for 4 weeks following the course.

The fee for the course is £240

A discount of 20% is available for Setter Members. This will be automatically applied when you log in before adding the course to your basket. If this is not showing then please refresh the page.

A discount of 10% is available for those who have attended a Sheepballs® Course. Please contact us for the coupon with the course dates you attended.

Discounts for participation

At the end of the course there will be a 40% discount available for those participants with dogs who make a signficant contribution to the learning of the class.

  Regular weekly videos of activities and learning
  Active participation in the live sessions held Thursday at 1700 GMT
  Participation in the forums: posting progress reports, observations, planning, feedback.

Background of Border collies:

If you are new to collies of would like to learn more about their history: how and why they work in their specific style. I recommend you study the material in the Learning About Border Collies Course .

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions: email kay

The Wrong Sheep

Walking a busy street with traffic can cause the dog to lunge out. Uncontrolled movement: joggers, bikes, other dogs doing agility will trigger the reflex to control.



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With tips from starting hundreds of dogs exploring their heritage and pleasure. 

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