MicroLearn Training Must Be Fun


Weekend: Oct 5 & 6 2019

This is a micro-learn for Setter Members.
Focus on single topic, build your understanding, try out the activities, review, share, feedback, measure progress and outcomes…. or just come for discussion.

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Weekend: Oct 5 & 6 2019.

A chance to debate, explore and wonder why we have to sell training a dog as fun? Are we stuck with a view that training must be boring, tedious or just plain horrible for the dog? Are we really sure we are making it fun, and not just using that as a sales pitch?

Let's look are being more than deliverers of reinforcement and find the genuine rewards for both teacher, trainer and dog or pup.
We shall discuss, watch videos, explore, share and feedback. Topics are likely to explode in many directions. Discussions will require agile fingers and quite probably a keyboard and lots of coffee.

The weekend will be hosted on the Learning About Dogs virtual site. Additional log in details will be sent out on Oct 4th.
The discussions will begin at 9am (GMT) and continue through the weekend, and quite likely through the night. The forum will remain accessible for 5 days. You can upload videos for feedback over the weekend.

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