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Introduction Working with Border Collies

starting 29 Jul 2024

This 6 week course is suitable for anyone who works with clients that share their lives with Border Collies and similar Sheepdogs. This is not general herding breeds but dogs that are inward facing to the sheep and bred to work using a balance of eye and flanking.

➤   Background:

Selective breeding for specific skills has influenced the reward systems in the dogs. Many lines bred for working purpose will have strong characteristics whereas other may have a distorted or mixed blend. What are they inheriting?

➤   Heritage:

Often regarded as Quirks but actual behaviour with a clear purpose:

Why does the dog stop listening?
Why do they seem to go slow?
Why approaching a Collie and lowering your head may get you into trouble?
Can they be sofa-surfers?
Why they will face-up to being challenged?

➤   Which Brain:

The Collie Brain vs Pet Brain and how they present differently and affect behaviour under different stimulus. Learn to build Pet Dog skills and the Pet Dog repertoire.

➤   Learning through Play:

The way the game is played is more important than the game itself. A clear understanding of the rewards the dog is seeking  can be employed to develop pleasure through anticipation. SheepBalls®, MouseBalls, WiggleBall, Taking the Sheep to Market.

➤   Living Together:

Rest and Sleep: Good quality sleep time and a schedule of rest. Teaching the Not Right Now. Side by Side and not working the street, the park or the traffic.
Limitations on using other dogs/cats as pseudo sheep.

➤   SheepDog Trials Live:

Commentary and observations on top handling and the highly skilled dogs. Become familiar with the purpose behind the breeding that goes beyond general farm work.

➤   Case Studies by Video:

You may bring case studies to the course for closer examination.

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The course will provide a greater understanding and include practical activities that can be applied when working with Border Collies and Associated Sheepdogs.

This does not certify competency in teaching, the use or inclusion of SheepBalls® in any advertising material. SheepBalls® is a protected by a registered trademark and can only be used by authorised Team SheepBalls® certified specialists. If you are interested in becoming a Team SheepBalls® Specialist this course is an ideal introduction.

If you are enthusiastic about learning, developing and building your professional development you will be very welcome.

Attendance Certificate will be available for active participation: joining the live sessions, questions, contribution to forum discussions, sharing case studies etc.

Live Sessions will be recorded and held Monday evenings at 8pm (UK) 1900 GMT/UTC. Course material will be accessible for four weeks after the course completion.


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