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Build the Play Jan 22

12 weeks. Starting 13 Jan 2022

Learn the skills and build the intricate details within play and games to ensure pleasure and value for life


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Enrolment to the Build the Learning course is required

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Build the future

This course is for 12 weeks and the beginning of a lifetime of a learning community. You will be working with other participants, sharing experience, suggestions and creating ideas and solutions.

➤  We shall discover what is at the heart of what your dog enjoys, be curious about the skills and learning we can build together through play and games.

➤  Subtleties within the way we play and ask the dog to engage can make or break the experience for the dog: changing it from exhausting to refreshing, tedious to delightful. 

➤  We shall look at a whole range of games and adapt them for individual participants that are the core of your future together. Exploring techniques that build through designed learning experience.

Choose GAMES that you enjoy and can find the mutual pleasure and passion Discover the nuances that makes the activity a joy, and seek the games that your dog is dreaming of. 

Learning how your games are unique to your relationship with this dog, not an imitation of recipe games. Develop listening skills, play styles, build fitness, adapt the challenges, create new ways of mutual enjoyment.

From the creator of Sheepballs, MouseBalls, AppleCruising, Whippits, Mouse, Grip-n-go, Whiff-the-sniff discovering new games is our daily excitement. 


Learning surrounds us when we give it space. It is in every minute we are together. This type of learning is a process of thinking as we do the specific activities, but also the watching and listening as well as the walking and washing up.

Community learning is about sharing ideas, reflecting on progress and actively engaging with others …. but dry your hands first. You can learn through the work of others.

The three core skills courses are my body of work that will get you started with best foot forward, many steps, many moments, a pathway. Resources for support, for fallback that will grow as your skills grow. For life.

For this course you will need to enrol and have a chance to read and explore the Build the Learning course, but I would strongly recommend you get the discount with the Package. 

What you will get

Regular feedback, questions and coaching from me and the group, specific games and activities and topics for consideration, options to join regular live sessions which are also recorded and kept in the archive for the whole course. These will be on Thursdays at 1700 GMT. 

If you are enthusiastic about learning, developing and building your relationship, connection and skills then you will be very welcome. This is unlikely to be a walk in the park, at times it may be hard work, it will require purposeful thinking as well as quality time spent with your dog. It will not be time wasted.

I will challenge you to do better work, explore new ideas, rethink what you thought you knew. Surround yourself working alongside others and spending your time with your dog working on a project of your passion in your individual situation and relationship.

Doing the work that leads to the most learning.

Reflection on individual learning is integral with progress and a non-optional requirement. Feedback from me is dependent on this process. Lack of participation may result in limited continuation.

You will create your own journal, plans, project, video progress, lifestyle and activities.

Not for you

If you plan to be a passive spectator, auditor or intend to harvest material generated by the work of others then this course is not for you. You will be given two weeks to demonstrate active participation after which your access to the community will be limited.

If this type of commitment to learning is beyond your interest then please do not join us.

Enrolment to Build the Learning Course:

This is an additional £145 to the £670 for the 12 week course. (50% discount for Setter members).

You should be familiar with the PLAY material in these courses before this course begins.
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core skills courses:

Build the Learning

Lifelong skills built in activities and play. A dog that is curious, confident, resilient with a natural enthusiasm for learning.

rewards skills

Learn about the fascinating landscape of rewards and how to make them the centre of your training and relationship.

Management or Training

Find a pathway to suit your lifestyle of living with dogs. When management temporarilly supports the learning, or choose training.

all three courses


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