Connection is being attuned to the emotional state of another being, a desire to create collaboration, listening, the art of being present in a relationship, emotional connection and empathy.

We can feel an instant connection when we first meet another being whether two feet or four paws, equally we may have to work hard at making that connection, feeling comfortable in their presence, understanding who they are and then being able to read their emotional state, depending on the closeness of the relationship.

Dogs are pretty unique in the way that they tune in to human emotions. Paying REAL attention to our four pawed friend, need only take a few minutes at a time, but to be there and present in that time with them, can create connection and value.

Over time they’ll seek more of that connection with you.

Building or improving the connection takes time. That’s the hard bit, patience, listening, watching, being aware and commitment to being in the moment with them is all part of building the connection.

We take time to train, but how connected are we as their trainer?

Do we share jokes and story’s or is it just pay and go?

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  1. Heather Binns

    Iris – ‘Connection is being attuned to the emotional state of another being…..” – so very true!!


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The Joy of Learning

Curiosity, discovery, success, confidence, understanding, growth: all of these things can nurture a joy of learning for its own sake

In praise of naughty dogs

.. a desire for solutions to problems that weren’t problems until someone else outside of the relationship suggested they were.

Connection starts with invitation

Connection thrives in the absence of expectations, a precious freedom that fills the space between two beings when there is no agenda, no time limit, no “have to get it done.”

Connection is a dynamic quantity

Connection is a dynamic product of three ingredients: an emotional bond, memory and mental focus.

A deep trust and love for each other

I learnt about connection with my horse Magnum. He was untouchable when he came to us, caught wild, taken to the sales – and ended up with us – because my daughter fell in love with him.

A lesson in connection

At first, it barely made it through the door. But it kept tapping and when I let it in, it had connection written all over it. It surprises me that it is a lesson I need repeated so often.

of yogis, dogs and humans

Connection, as expression of trust, relationship, and finally of the deep attraction, which develops so easily between dogs and their human fellows, stains every single interaction and can be used as a potent reinforcer.

What does connection look like?

It comes in many forms. Walking together, sitting quietly together, sharing a mental or physical task. Individuals can be connected without looking at each other; just feeling each other’s presence is perhaps the strongest type of connection. These activities can all be done with or without connection, but with connection they appear fluent.

Connection: A Conversation for Life

In the busy-ness of life connection can be the last thing considered. Living with a dog is about developing a relationship and all successful relationships are based on connection.
So just what is connection and why is it important?

Connection is reinforcing

Dogs will often choose how they maintain their connection with you. This connection, the thread that binds the pack, is an invisible and easily dismissible element. Connection is not black and white, it comes in lots of shades of colour and intensity and it is developed between both recipients.

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